2020-2021 Women’s Reading List

August - Abraham Lincoln: The Spiritual Growth of a Public ManSeptember - Why Work? by Dorothy SayersOctober - How Much Land Does a Man Need? By Leo TolstoyNovember - The Long Loneliness by Dorothy DayDecember - Christmas Party!January - Bulletins from Immortality: Poems by Emily DickinsonFebruary - The Grand Inquisitor by Fyodor DostoyevskyMarch - Handel's … Continue reading 2020-2021 Women’s Reading List

2018 Reading List

2018 January: Long Walk To Freedom - Nelson Mandela February: Politics and the English Language - George Orwell March: Letters From Vincent van Gogh April: Wrestling With God - Simone Weil    August: "Lessons From History" by Will and Ariel Durant (reread with different discussion) September: "Shantung Compound" by Langdon Gilke  October: God's Grandeur: The Poems … Continue reading 2018 Reading List

2013 Reading List

The 2013 readings are taken from What So Proudly We Hail. January - National Identity:  Why Should It Matter? Edward Everett Hale, “The Man without a Country” Mary Antin, from The Promised Land Ralph Ellison, “In a Strange Country” February - Selections from The American Creed & The American Character Declaration of Independence Abraham Lincoln, … Continue reading 2013 Reading List